Chisel Outdoors

A Chrome extension to help you plan your next hike on AllTrails.

Effort Rating

'Hard' or 'Easy' trail ratings are arbitrary. We look at your elevation, the trail elevation, and elevation gain, to calculate a effort percentage. So a 4.4mi trail with an effort rating of 160% would feel like hiking a flat 7.04mi at your elevation.

Historic Weather

Weather forecasts are good, but also knowing what the weather has been in the past can inform what's possible to happen or reinforce the current forecast.

Load-out Recommendations

Packing too much or too little can cause problems. By analyzing trail data, effort rating, historic weather and forecasts we customize gear recommendations just like any in-store associate would, serving as a reference to double check what you had planned or easily order what you need and have it shipped to where you're going.

Chisel Outdoors

Be prepared & GO THERE.

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